Wish I Were Here

Virtual Reality has given me the freedom to walk through the text I write and go around or inside the portraits I take. In these virtual galleries statues float and paintings move and art doesn’t have to obey the laws of physics. Who doesn’t want to make art where rules don’t apply? And so I started designing worlds that would represent what the inside of a mind would look like.  Since the experience is individual, and you choose where to go and how to interact with the piece, these dreamscapes end up being also your own. People associate virtual reality with games, but my approach of this new technology is much more delicate and meditative, linked to concepts and symbolisms, and used as an empathetic tool in which the only goal is to immerse yourself in it’s fantasy.

How much do we rely on technology to remember? Is our reality shaped around the identity we’ve formed of ourselves in the digital world? Wish I Were Here is a virtual reality installation that invites you to get lost inside the surreal and depersonalized space of a digital mind. Witness this dreamscape of thoughts and emotions through the immersive use of the HTC Vive. Walk inside the 3D scanned self-portraits, or read the messages inside the trees. A digital forest of words you can walk through, experiencing text in a whole different way.